“Agriculture is the backbone of Louisiana’s economy. Having been raised on a ranch, I know that for those who work in it every day, agriculture, forestry, and fisheries are more than a business. As Congress moves forward, I will work tirelessly behalf of our farmers and producers to provide Louisiana’s agricultural industry critically needed financial, trade, and labor support.”

Louisiana’s agriculture commodities contribute significantly to our state’s economy. With difficult weather conditions, floods, and low commodity prices, it is more important than ever to ensure that Louisiana’s needs are properly reflected in the Farm Bill.

As Congress considers much-needed changes to our immigration policy, it is important that we support H-2A and H-2B visas, while instituting a returning worker exemption for the H-2B unskilled worker visa program. A returning worker exemption will align H-2B visas with H-2A visas, improving the likelihood that our sugar mills, seafood processing plants, landscaping, and tourism industries will have the labor they need.

Additionally, it is imperative that the new administration review burdensome and unnecessary regulations regarding herbicide, pesticide, and fungicide use to provide our farmers as many tools available as possible.

Furthermore, although the U.S. House of Representatives has no legislative oversight of international trade negotiations, I understand the strong need for ensuring international trade agreements provide an even playing field for American exports, and I strongly support efforts to strengthen fair trading relationships with foreign countries.

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