About the Challenge

The U.S. House of Representatives officially launched the Congressional App Challenge in 2015 to help inspire innovation and learning in computer science and coding. The challenge is a nationwide effort that allows middle and high school students to compete against their peers by creating an application or “app” for mobile, tablet, or computer devices. Louisiana’s 3rd District will participate in this year’s challenge. The student submission period begins on June 15, 2022, and ends on November 1, 2022.

    Who is eligible to participate?

    Any middle-school or high-school aged student living in Louisiana’s 3rd District is eligible to compete. Students are allowed to submit apps individually or in teams of up to four (4) students, provided that at least two of the teammates live in Louisiana’s 3rd District.

      What if I don't know how to code?

      Not a problem. Many other students will not have coding experience either. The challenge is meant to encourage you to try a new skill. Need help getting started? Check out these free resources to help you learn –> https://www.congressionalappchallenge.us/students/learn-to-code/

      What kind of app can I submit?

      You can submit any kind of app that you’d like. The only rule is that it must be created by you or your team within the last year. Mobile, web, PC, tablet, Raspberry Pi, or another platform of your choice- all are acceptable.

      What do the winners receive?

      The purpose of the House Energy Action Team is to supplement ongoing leadership, committee, and conference efforts by providing a committed, talented and well-organized group of House members to serve as messengers of House GOP energy policy.

      The Process

      • Register as an individual or a team on the Congressional App Challenge website (https://www.congressionalappchallenge.us/students/student-registration/)
      • Design and create your app.
      • Submit your app before the deadline.
      • Submissions will be judged by a panel of local tech professionals, college professors, and entrepreneurs on the following criteria: quality of the idea, implementation of the idea, and demonstrated excellence in coding and programming skills.
      • Download the full student guide for a step-by-step outline of the submission process.

      For more information, please visit the official Congressional App Challenge website at congressionalappchallenge.us or contact Diane Miller Diane Miller at diane.miller@mail.house.gov.