“Even with the fluctuations in oil prices, Louisiana’s fossil fuels industry remains a bright spot and major contributor to our state and national economy. Meanwhile, American innovation is driving emissions reduction worldwide.”

Fossil fuels play a major role in the daily lives of every American. Whether it is meeting the energy needs of families and businesses, or being used in the creation of plastics and other common materials, fossil fuels are the lifeblood of our modern society.

However, the new administration is reversing progress achieved under President Trump and bringing about a resurgence of Obama-era policies. These actions will have the same outcome now as they did then, the destruction of American jobs, higher energy costs, and undermining global security interests. The federal government is being weaponized against America’s energy industry.

It is important that a balanced approach is taken that results in real economic benefits but also considers environmental impacts. No Republican or Democrat wants dirty air or water. This is especially important in a state like ours, where enjoyment of the outdoors is engraved into our culture and heritage. While empowering the industry is a top priority, we must ensure proper conservation and mitigation programs are in place to maintain our sensitive ecosystem and protect our valuable natural resources. We should support this balanced approach with policies that encourage growth, create new jobs, and bolster America’s energy security.

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