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Energy & the Environment

"Even with the fluctuations in oil prices, Louisiana’s fossil fuels industry remains a bright spot and major contributor to our state and national economy."

Fossil fuels play a major role in the daily lives of every American.  Whether it is meeting the energy needs of families and businesses, or being used in the creation of plastics and other common materials, fossil fuels are the life blood of our modern society.

However, the benefits this industry provides to our nation were largely ignored by the previous administration.  Regulations were put into place that were ideologically based with a focus of disrupting operations in the industry.  Luckily in the 115th Congress we are presented with a great opportunity to remove burdensome regulations and unleash the potential of the U.S. energy industry.

While unnecessary regulations will be removed, it is important that a balanced approach is taken that results in real economic benefits but also considers environmental impacts.  No republican or democrat wants dirty air or water.  This is especially important in a state like ours, where enjoyment of the outdoors is engraved into our culture and heritage.  While empowering the industry is a top priority, we must ensure proper conservation and mitigation programs are in place to maintain our sensitive ecosystem and protect our valuable natural resources.




More on Energy & the Environment

October 24, 2017 Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA) issued the following statement on Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s announcement of the largest oil and gas lease sale ever held in the United States. The proposed region-wide lease sale is scheduled for March 2018 and includes 76,967,935 acres in federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico, offshore Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.


October 10, 2017 Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA) issued the following statement today after Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt announced the formal repeal of the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan.

August 14, 2017 Editorial

For nearly a decade, Louisiana’s oil and gas industry has been targeted by ideologically-charged efforts to suppress fossil fuel energy production. The energy and fuel refining industries have long been the lifeblood of our state’s economy, but a sluggish market and burdensome regulations have suppressed domestic energy producers and cost thousands of local jobs.

For those of you reading this, rest assured – the tide is turning in Washington.

July 25, 2017 Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA) has introduced H.R. 3367, to remove barriers placed on U.S. exporters so they can quickly access the market and meet the global demand of natural gas. Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D. (R-LA) is sponsoring the License Natural Gas Now Act, which is the Senate version of the bill.

June 27, 2017 Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA) released the following statement in response to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed rule to repeal the Waters of the United States (WOTUS) regulation.

May 8, 2017 In The News

It will come as no shock to many of you reading this when I state that partisan divide in Washington has reached historic levels and is now spilling over into one arena where both parties have typically agreed … infrastructure. Nowhere is this more prevalent than the stigma that many environmentalist have placed on the use and construction of pipelines. 

April 28, 2017 Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Clay Higgins, R-LA, issued the following statement regarding President Trump’s executive order today to expand offshore drilling and oil and gas exploration.

“It’s refreshing to have a President who understands that the federal government should be a partner -not a predator- of the oil and gas industry. No state has been more seriously injured by the targeted political attack against the petrochemical industry than Louisiana. This is a great step toward rolling back federal overreach and breathing new life into the American oil and gas industry.”

April 21, 2017 In The News

Election to Congress was a step down from Sheriff's Office captain, U.S. Rep. Clay Higgins, R-Port Barre, told an Iota crowd last week.

Maybe he was kidding. But Higgins' schedule over Congress' Easter Recess wouldn't convince anyone he's a "fat cat" congressman yet.

February 3, 2017 Press Release

WASHINGTON DC - The US Customs and Border Protection Agency recently issued clarifications for Jones Act compliance. This action brings the Jones Act back into line with its original intentions. This action will incentivize the use of American crews and ships, particularly in the energy sector. Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA) supports these changes as they will help many of the maritime and oil and gas operations that the third congressional district relies on.