Louisiana 3rd District Congressman Clay Higgins met with reporters and offered his thoughts on a variety of subjects yesterday. Among the topics, Higgins discussed were the ongoing debates in congress about COVID relief money, coronavirus vaccinations, and the threat of the Joe Biden administration to Louisiana’s oil and gas economy.

As you might expect Congressman Higgins is in lockstep with the rest of Louisiana’s congressional delegation on the Biden administration’s policies toward oil and gas.

“The President should look at the energy industry as it truly is In America, which is quite efficient and clean. He needs to allow the evolution of the industry itself to deliver a reduction in greenhouse gas which it has proven to be the case.”

President Biden, in his first few days in office, has revoked construction permits on the Keystone XL pipeline project and placed a moratorium on oil and gas exploration on federal lands and in federal waters. Congressman Higgins’ comments were published in a story featured by KLFY Television.

The 3rd District Representative did express his views on the coronavirus vaccine situation across the nation and the state too. In fact, the Congressman is encouraging everyone to get the vaccine as soon as it’s available to them. It’s the “getting the vaccine to the people part of the problem” that has the Congressman concerned.

“Now the struggle becomes getting the vaccine to the American people. I encourage the sovereign states to be creative and to push very hard to get that out there. The best stimulus we can provide to every American family, employer, and employee is the restoration of our economy.”

With the FDA approval of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine expected to come in the next few days more and more doses of the various vaccines will be made available to residents of the state. The hope is that as more and more people receive the vaccine the more and more the state’s economy and the nation’s economy can reopen.


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