Jun 11, 2023 | Press Releases

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA) issued the following statement:  

“American conservatives are shocked at the level of corruption and targeted persecution we’re witnessing out of our DOJ and FBI. We are outraged and rightfully so, and we want to protect our freedoms and preserve our Republic. However, we’re not willing to violate our Constitution, even as we recognize the dire threat we face from our own government, as our federal law enforcement agencies are turned against us in violation of the Constitution. This latest DOJ persecution against President Trump is an example of more than just weaponization of our DOJ/FBI against a conservative American leader, it’s an example of the now SOP entrapment-staging that the FBI conducts. 

  My fellow conservatives, the DOJ/FBI doesn’t expect to imprison Trump, they expect to imprison you. They want J6 again, in Miami and in your city and in mine. They want MAGA conservatives to react to this perimeter probe and in doing so, set yourselves up for targeted persecution and further entrapment. They want to intercept a busload of conservatives en route to protest and create conflicts during the stop. They are hoping to provoke conservative Americans. Don’t fall for the trap. Maintain your family. Live your life. Live free and pay close attention and make your voice heard, yes… but don’t become an incarcerated pawn in the agenda driven DOJ/FBI strategy to oppress conservatives across America. 
  President Trump can take care of himself in court, he knows we’ve got his back. The DOJ knows they’ve got nothing on him. They’re doing this because they want you to let your anger overwhelm your strategic judgment and they expect you to step willingly into their trap. Don’t do it. Be aware and be prepared for anything, know your bridges as we say… but maintain your calm. Rock steady calm. 

  We will fight against this oppression. We are indeed, with every ounce of spirit, fighting against the insidious evil that threatens our beloved Republic, but We the People must fight against oppression legally, peacefully, and within the parameters of our Constitution.”


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