May 3, 2023 | Immigration, Press Releases

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA) released the following statement on the introduction of H.R. 2, the Secure the Border Act of 2023.

Congressman Higgins is an original co-sponsor and had a role in crafting the House Homeland Security Committee portion of the legislation.


“Since Biden was inaugurated, we’ve lost operational control of our southern border. The cartels have outmaneuvered Mayorkas, millions of illegals continue to cross into our country, fentanyl is flooding across our border, and the Biden DHS policies have escaped accountability. This is not just a humanitarian crisis, it is a policy crisis. The mishandling of our border has brought generational trauma upon this great nation, and We, The People, demand law and order at our southern border.”

“Under the Republican Majority, we have worked tirelessly to ensure that this legislation rolls back the harm that this administration has forced upon this country with their open-border policies. America deserves effective border security. We will continue to uphold our commitment to secure our southern border, and this legislation is an important factor in restoring our sovereignty.”


Read the Secure the Border Act of 2023 here.

Read more on the Border Reinforcement Act of 2023 here.

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