Feb 17, 2023 | Press Releases, Seafood

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA) has reintroduced H.R. 1057, the Imported Seafood Safety Standards Act, which holds foreign countries and exporters to the same standards that U.S. seafood producers and processors abide by.

Historically, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been responsible for inspecting domestic and imported harvested seafood. However, only a small percentage of seafood imports have been inspected as they enter the United States. This allows for foreign bad actors who often use illegal additives to falsely label imports to avoid detection by the FDA and undercut American producers. The illegal dumping of seafood imports hurts American competition, consumers, and the Gulf seafood industry.

This bill prohibits the import of foreign seafood that fails to meet U.S. standards for seafood manufacturing, processing, and holding. It also establishes an increase in strict testing protocol that imposes real penalties for importers and countries that routinely fail inspection and violate U.S. law.

Read the bill here.

Congressman Higgins issued the following statement:

“Our legislation punishes illegal seafood imports and holds all foreign shipments to the same standards as domestic production. With a level playing field, America’s seafood producers will compete and win. In my opinion, foreign products do not even come close to the high quality of Louisiana seafood. I won’t eat that stuff. God only knows what’s in it. Billions of pounds of un-inspected seafood coming into our country is not just a commerce issue, it’s a health issue.” 

Brian Shinault, CEO of American Strategic Partners, released the following statement in support of the bill.

 “American Strategic Partners represents the Louisiana Shrimp Task Force and will be lobbying Congress for support of the Imported Seafood Safety Standards Act to bring much needed relief for the Louisiana Shrimp Industry. The Imported Seafood Safety Standards Act will also bring relief to the shrimp industry beyond the borders of Louisiana and have a positive effect on the shrimp industry throughout America. We are grateful for the efforts of Congressman Higgins and the members of the 118th Congress.”

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