WASHINGTON D.C. – Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA), along with 28 republican colleagues, delivered a letter to President Biden urging him to reform his administration’s domestic energy policies. Republicans are attempting to force the Biden Administration to address inflation by embracing common sense solutions, like unleashing the American energy industry. 
“The high cost of diesel fuel is a primary inflationary factor, and your energy policies are driving the diesel crisis,” the letter states. Recent high diesel prices have increased the cost of food production, transportation, and eventually the sale cost, impacting American farmers and families at every level.
The letter concludes with a request for President Biden to “direct [his] administration to immediately remove any unnecessary barriers to domestic energy production.” And “that [his] administration issue a uniform and cohesive policy that promotes the production of fossil fuels and prevents this crisis from ever happening again.”
Read the full letter HERE.


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