WASHINGTON, D.C. – During a House Oversight Committee hearing last week, Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA) dismantled the arguments of “energy justice” activist, New York attorney Raya Salter. 
On back-to-back days, Democrats staged hearings to attack the American energy industry and promote their Green New Deal agenda. Louisiana was particularly targeted by the activists. On the second panel of the second day, Ms. Salter delivered her opening statement and called for the immediate elimination of America’s oil and gas and petrochemical industry. She also claimed that American energy production is systemically racist and was pursuing “mass extinction.” Her opening statement was delivered with seething vitriolic hate. She was trembling, unhinged with Green New Deal madness.
During his allotted five minutes, Congressman Higgins responded to the aggressive attacks on American oil and gas production and Louisiana energy jobs. He destroyed the insane positions of their star witness, and the Green New Deal insanity was clearly revealed. The modern world runs on oil and gas, and virtually everything everywhere contains petrochemical byproducts. When asked how she would account for this, Ms. Salter was unable to answer and instead deflected, resorted to the Democrat playbook, and retreated into her prepared notes. Congressman Higgins made her look inept, because that’s what happens when Democrats are faced with hard truth.




“When radicals show up in front of my Committee with an attitude talking anti-American trash, they can expect to get handled. I really don’t care if I hurt anybody’s feelings while I’m fighting to preserve our Republic,” Congressman Higgins said after the hearing. “Leftist activists may run over other elected officials, but they’re not running over me.”

Watch Ms. Salter’s full testimony here.
Read Ms. Salter’s written testimony here.
Watch the full exchange with Congressman Higgins here.

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