WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA) responded to Democrat attacks on the oil and gas industry during a House Oversight Committee hearing this week. Congressman Higgins slammed lawsuits aimed at blocking new energy infrastructure development and emphasized that oil and gas production in the United States is amongst the cleanest in the world.



Key Excerpts from Congressman Higgins’ remarks:
“Every energy project in Louisiana has got to set aside a large percentage of its projected budget to defend against lawsuits. Every pipeline, every LNG plant, every petrochemical expansion, every one of them.”

“For a small company to have to set aside $1 million, $2 million because of the toxic legal environment in Louisiana. Because Democrats and climate activists love to sue petrochemical projects and energy projects, including LNG plants which represent the hope of the entire world to reduce emissions. Nowhere is it done more clean than in the United States of America.”

“It’s where you get your energy from; it’s where you get your petrochemical products from. Everything you use, everything you’re wearing: your clothes, your shoes, your glasses, your phone, your iPad, the vehicle you got here in, the plane you flew here on. All of that requires petrochemical products and the energy that’s drawn out of Louisiana.”

“So, yeah we have pipelines. That’s the safest means by which to transport energy product. It’s safer than rail; it’s safer than vehicle; it’s safer than by water.”

“The entire world has reduced emissions because of LNG projects out of Louisiana. But an energy company cannot come into Louisiana without getting sued by the Left.”


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