WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA) proposed a series of pro-American energy amendments during a House Oversight Committee markup on H.R. 5477, a bill that expands federal bureaucracy to implement Democrat climate policies. Democrats rejected the amendments, which aimed to maximize American energy production and decrease our reliance on foreign adversaries.

One amendment would have stricken the creation of the White House Domestic Climate Policy Office and replaced it with the White House Energy and Innovation Policy Office. The proposed Energy and Innovation Policy Office would ensure the United States has a stable energy supply, promote the exploration of innovative oil and natural gas technologies, protect U.S. energy markets from foreign adversaries, secure international export opportunities, and expedite the permitting and environmental review process for new domestic energy projects. Watch Congressman Higgins offer and discuss the amendment here.

A second amendment would have ensured that Democrats’ proposed Council on Federal Agency Climate Planning, Resilience, and Enhance Preparedness (PREP) include nuclear power as a low-cost option for emissions reduction. Watch Congressman Higgins offer and discuss the amendment here.

Congressman Higgins issued the following statement:

“Democrat energy policies are hurting working Americans, pushing industry overseas, and crushing economic prosperity here in America. Weakening our leverage worldwide and moving oil and gas production into countries with horrible environmental records actually injures the climate. This is yet another Democrat bill to weaponize the federal government against American energy producers. It is shameful that my Democrat colleagues rejected our amendments and continue to side with OPEC, China, and other foreign producers over American industry.”

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