Nov 18, 2021 | Press Releases

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA) released the following statement after voting against Democrats’ socialist spending bill, which a Penn Wharton Budget Model shows will cost nearly $4 trillion.

“This $4 trillion tax-and-spend monstrosity is filled with Green New Deal agenda, unprecedented deficit spending, and job-killing tax increases that will hit every American family. We’re facing $30 trillion in debt, the highest inflation in over 30 years, labor shortages, and a supply chain crisis. Yet, Democrats are plowing ahead with their bill for bigger, more intrusive government and trillions of dollars in new spending. Their socialist agenda must be defeated, and we will continue to battle against this bill as it moves to the Senate.”

Congressman Higgins also released a video today discussing his opposition to the bill.

Some of the worst provisions in the bill are listed below. The bill would:

  • Create over 150 new government programs;
  • Spend over $550 billion to fulfill the Democrats’ Green New Deal agenda;
  • Raise taxes on at least 30% of middle-class families according to the left-leaning Tax Policy Center;
  • Levy $412 billion in new taxes on small businesses;
  • Advance Biden’s vaccine mandate on businesses and provide the Department of Labor with nearly $1 billion to enforce OSHA penalties;
  • Grant mass amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants;
  • Allow illegal immigrants to receive federal benefits;
  • Protect illegal immigrants from deportation and expand the use of the parole program;
  • Eliminate work requirements for able-bodied adults to receive welfare benefits;
  • Expand Obamacare subsidies through 2025;
  • Ban domestic energy and mineral production on federal lands;
  • Impede domestic energy production and increases dependency on OPEC, Russia, and China;
  • Raise taxes on natural gas;
  • Provide $300 million in giveaways to teachers’ unions to keep remote schooling;
  • Block faith-based providers from participating in the childcare system;
  • Exclude pro-life Hyde Amendment protections and allow taxpayer-funded abortions;
  • Violate Americans’ financial privacy and provide $80 billion to double the size of the IRS;
  • Create a Civilian Climate Corps to implement Green New Deal initiatives;
  • Include $3 billion for “environmental and climate justice block grants;”
  • Spend $2.5 billion on “tree equity.”

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