Louisiana Congressman Clay Higgins has filed a resolution challenging the Biden Administration to operate without the use of any oil and gas energy or petroleum-based products. In doing so, Higgins wants to bring attention to the importance of the industry that is a staple of Louisiana’s economy.

“It’s our effort to demonstrate the absurdity of the false premise that life would just continue as normal without America’s oil and gas and petrochemical industry,” said Higgins.

The President is pushing a goal of a 100-percent carbon-free energy sector by 2035.

But Higgins said many people don’t realize that everyday products contain petroleum and restrictions on the oil and gas industry impact items beyond gasoline.

“It’s all your plastics, all your finishes, all your composites, it’s all your glues and veneers and paints and carbon fibers, every piece of the clothing that you’re wearing,” said Higgins.

Higgins said the oil and gas industry is the cleanest and most efficient in the US, compared to other countries, and with our dependence on products from the fossil fuel industry, bans from the Biden Administration are not logical.

“And I’m calling out the Executive Branch. Stop talking about ridiculous things unless you’re prepared to live it,” said Higgins.

The Biden Administration said these restrictions on domestic oil and gas production are key to helping the country hit carbon neutrality by 2050, thus limiting catastrophic levels of future global temperature increase.

The entire resolution can be read here.

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