May 12, 2020 | Press Releases

LAFAYETTE, LA – Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA) issued the following statement after Governor John Bel Edwards announced that Louisiana is moving into a limited reopening.

“Am I supposed to say thank you, o benevolent ruler? We, the People, demand an end to forced restrictions of our freedom. This 25% restoration of our Constitutional rights is still 75% oppression. Further, it is too late for many of the families and businesses who have been crushed under the Governor’s restrictive boot. His protracted, unnecessary, and unconstitutional closures have forever injured many Louisiana citizens. We, as free Americans, represented by the leadership of our Parish and local leaders, should decide what’s best for the people, not our Governor. I shall not cheer for 25% freedom, tossed at us like crumbs for good subjects. I support 100% restoration of freedom. In the face of dire circumstance, free Louisianans can restrict or adjust our own lives, our own business practices, and our own personal interactions… according to our own judgment, our own will.”

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