The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) recently endorsed Congressman Higgins’ bill H.R. 5260, which expedites the demonstration of at least four advanced nuclear reactors by 2028.

NEI President & CEO Maria Korsnick offered her support in a letter to Congressman Higgins:

“On behalf of the commercial nuclear energy industry, the Nuclear Energy Institute expresses its support for H.R. 5260, the ‘Advanced Nuclear Energy Technologies Act.’ We appreciate your effort to promote the development of advanced nuclear reactor technologies.

Commercial nuclear energy is the source of nearly 20 percent of our nation’s electricity and approximately 63 percent of our carbon-free electricity. Nuclear energy facilities demonstrate unmatched reliability by operating with an average capacity factor of more than 90 percent— higher than all other electricity sources. Nuclear energy facilities are essential to the country’s economy and the communities in which they operate.

We commend the introduction of legislation that establishes simple objectives for the Department of Energy to engage with the private sector in demonstrating advanced nuclear energy technologies in the United States. The United States is in a race with other countries to develop, commercialize, and deploy advanced reactor technologies. Supporting the development of advanced reactor technologies is crucial to maintaining U.S. technological leadership worldwide.

This bill, if passed, will bolster the research and development infrastructure in the United States and support American innovation. The provisions in this bill will provide the much-needed mandate for advanced nuclear demonstration projects to compel the private sector to continue to invest in innovative nuclear technologies. The efforts of Congress to set the stage for developing and deploying innovative nuclear reactor technologies are important, timely, and extremely valuable to the industry.”

Read the letter here.

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