Mar 23, 2018 | Health Care, In the News

Congressman Clay Higgins got a closer look at healthcare in Acadiana on Friday. Higgins toured Lafayette General Health and met with the hospital’s administrators.

At a press conference Friday, neither Congressman Higgins nor LGH President David Callecod could ignore the fact that healthcare is a hot topic on both the state and federal level.

Callecod says he’s watching the regular session closely and is hopeful that lawmakers can reach an agreement to fund University Hospitals and Clinics.

“I’m pleased folks are talking with one another again. The special session got pretty heated, and so I do believe compromise is being discussed, and I think at the end of the day you’re going to see some folks moderate to the middle and we’re gonna see some revenue raised. The question is how much,” questioned Callecod

While Congressman Higgins said hospital funding is a state issue, he says tours like these give him an insight into the healthcare needs of his district.

“Touring a facility like this I always come away with a greater deeper understanding of the healthcare professionals in our community, what their needs are, what’s working, what’s missing, what’s on the horizon,” said Higgins

Higgins says he opposes cuts to the federal 340B drug pricing program which allows hospitals to get discounts on life-saving drugs. However, he says the program needs to be married to strong preventative healthcare.

“To invest in the people’s treasure early in an American’s life. To detect a potential health program and treat it early through the drug programs like 340B is a wise investment in the people’s treasure because it’s much more expensive later on in an American’s life if that cancer has gone undetected,” said Higgins.

Josh Meny, KATC

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