Jan 22, 2018 | Blog Posts

I have very carefully read the Top-Secret report regarding FISA. Viewed through the objective prism of an accomplished investigator, the report is quite significant. I support its release, non-redacted.

Many of my constituents have messaged or called me, asking that I push for release. Please know that as a Conference, my Republican colleagues in the House virtually unanimously agree with me that the report should be released.

The Official process by which the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) may release a non-redacted Top-Secret document is purposefully cumbersome, calling for careful Congressional action, Executive Branch authorization, and Minority Party objection. It is not so simple as just one guy picking up the phone and saying release the Top-Secret document…nor should it be that simple.

For the benefit of the citizens I serve, I have attached an illustration which delineates the legal process by which a Top-Secret document can be made public. My constituents deserve to know, America deserves to know, the world deserves to know.

HPSCI declassification process

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