Apr 6, 2017 | Press Releases, Veterans

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Clay Higgins, R-LA, has introduced legislation directing the Comptroller General of the United States to periodically audit the Veterans Health Administration.

The legislation is a response to the grossly inadequate treatment of U.S. veterans caused by a lack of responsiveness from administrators at the VHA.

“The VHA currently spends billions of dollars of the people’s treasure without any mechanisms for accountability,” said Rep. Higgins. “Their failure to provide timely and quality care for our veterans has resulted in poor care, as well as deaths that should have been prevented. We owe the brave men and women who have served our flag the finest healthcare in the world, and what we are doing now is embarrassing. We must change it.”

The bill creates a framework that is both agile and flexible, requiring the Comptroller General to address critical issues within the VHA in conjunction with members of the House and Senate.

In determining aspects of the VHA to audit, the Comptroller General will consider: documented problems with VHA programs, current issues, national priorities, and Congressional priorities. The Comptroller General is directed to notify the appropriate Congressional committees 30 days prior to conducting an audit.

“Our legislation demands accountability from the VHA and ensures greater responsiveness to the needs of our veterans,” said Higgins.

Read the full text of the bill here: /sites/evo-subsites/clayhiggins.house.gov/files/Audit%20the%20VHA%20Bill.pdf


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