WASHINGTON DC – The US Customs and Border Protection Agency recently issued clarifications for Jones Act compliance. This action brings the Jones Act back into line with its original intentions. This action will incentivize the use of American crews and ships, particularly in the energy sector. Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA) supports these changes as they will help many of the maritime and oil and gas operations that the third congressional district relies on.

“The US Customs and Border Protections Agency’s (CBP) recent clarification of Jones Act compliance is a prime example of the work the 115th Congress will be undertaking in an effort to undo years of burdensome regulations that have caused our economy to shrink, jobs to be lost, and endangered the futures of many families around the nation,” said Rep. Clay Higgins. “The CBP ruling will bolster both Louisiana businesses and the oil and gas industry while at the same time promoting the nation’s energy independence. This is only the beginning of a renewed focus on the American worker and American economy, and I look forward to the positive impact this clarification will have on South Louisiana and the country,” said Higgins.

Employment opportunities across the third congressional district have been in decline due mainly to the recent decline in oil prices. Congressman Higgins believes this more traditional interpretation of the Jones Act will help alleviate this strain and promote economic growth and job creation.


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