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Law & Crime

"As a law enforcement officer for more than a decade, I committed myself to fairly and compassionately enforcing the laws enacted by our elected officials. In Congress, I will use that experience to enact laws that bring much-needed change to our criminal justice and penitentiary systems, which often fail to help those who most need our support."

The United States ranks first among all nations with the largest percentage of citizens incarcerated, and Louisiana consistently has the highest crime rates in the United States, as well as one of the highest rates of recidivism.

For too long our judicial system has punished the less fortunate for crimes of survival. The penitentiary system was never designed to be a punishment – it was instead intended to be a means of rehabilitation, providing a penitent person the means to become a productive member of society.

I will continue to strongly advocate for the much-needed reform of America’s prisons.

Additionally, I am committed to promoting programs that build communities’ trust in local law enforcement. Attacks on police have sharply increased in recent years, and in 2016 Louisiana ranked third in police fatalities nationwide.

To keep our communities safe, this matter must be addressed from all sides, by patriot Americans of every color and creed. In the U.S. House of Representatives, I will be a loud voice for my brothers of the thin blue line and their families, who sacrifice so much to protect and serve.


More on Law & Crime

August 25, 2021 Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA), the top Republican on the Homeland Security Subcommittee on Border Security, issued the following statement after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected the Biden administration’s attempt to end President Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) also known as the Remain in Mexico policy. The policy requires asylum seekers at the southwest border to remain in Mexico while they await judicial hearings to determine their eligibility and status.

August 18, 2021 Editorial

Employers across the country are telling their workers to take the vaccine or lose their jobs. As federal agencies and businesses move forward with COVID-19 vaccine mandates, workers are questioning what rights they have as individuals.

Under current law, an employee’s rights to challenge vaccine mandates are limited. That is a problem. Neither government nor private employers should have the right to mandate medical procedures, including a vaccine.

July 30, 2021 Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA) introduced today H.R. 4884, the Employee Rights and Freedoms Act, which would make it illegal for any employer to mandate an employee undertake any medical procedure, including a vaccine.
Read the bill here.
Congressman Higgins issued the following statement:

July 22, 2021 Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA), the lead Republican on the House Homeland Security Border Subcommittee, delivered a letter today to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) demanding answers on reports that illegal immigrants are being dropped in communities across Louisiana. Congressman Higgins also called for an immediate suspension of the resettlement operation.

June 24, 2021 Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA) reintroduced the CBP Workload Staffing Model Act, to help Customs and Border Protection (CBP) determine its staffing needs. This bill would require CBP to develop a comprehensive staffing model that addresses hiring and retention challenges.

The CBP Workload Staffing Model Act:

June 24, 2021 Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA) joined Representative Jodey Arrington (R-TX) and other Republican colleagues in a press conference to address the Biden border crisis and affirm states’ rights to protect their citizens from the cartel-facilitated border invasion.
A transcript of Congressman Higgins’ remarks and a video of his speech are available below.
The full press conference is available here.


April 20, 2021 Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA) led 11 other members of the House Freedom Caucus on an official letter to President Joe Biden defending law enforcement and countering leftist anti-police rhetoric.

The letter reads, in part, “The narrative of ‘systemic racism’ dominating America's police forces is false. The overwhelming majority of law enforcement's men and women are solid Patriots who perform increasingly dangerous, heroic work. American law enforcement professionals have had enough of the broad condemnation of police coming from the Democrat Party.”

April 8, 2021 Press Release

Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA) issued the following statement after President Biden announced several executive actions on gun control. 

March 17, 2021 Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA) has introduced H.R. 1691, the Second Amendment Protection Act, which affirms the right to bear arms and strengthens protections for law-abiding gun owners.
The bill would make gun sales an essential service, enable firearm sales across state lines, strengthen protections for members of the U.S. Armed Services, protect concealed carry gun owners, support states with Constitutional Carry, and create gun safety tax credits.

March 16, 2021 In The News

During a Tuesday interview on FNC’s “Fox & Friends First,” Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA) discussed his trip with Rep. Michael Cloud (R-TX) to the United States-Mexico border.

Higgins outlined how cartels have maxed out their pipelines by “frontloading the children” across the border because they know their parents will be “desperate to follow.” He described the crisis at the border as an “unmitigated disaster.”